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October 16, 2015

Fragment's Note

One day, a girl condenses out of thin air in front of you. She is your daughter from the future and she's on a mission to correct some of your poorly advised decisions. You are in the Japanese remake of Back to The Future.

The Fragment's Note is another one of those rare Japanese games that are easily available outside of pirated images for Windows (and is not some kind of ridiculuous pornography). At present time, the version in Google Play is in English, while Apple provides a Japanese version for $4. Overall, I think, one can see a theme: the leakage of Japanese games into iPad is greater than into the competition.

Unfortunately, F'Note is not Kanon, again. To begin with, the port to the platform is nowhere as polished. Where Kanon has beautiful resizeable fonts that you can pinch-zoom to work with any portable device and any old eyes, F'Note goes by with one-size-fits all fonts. If the system kills the app, it does not remember where it was and must be loaded from a save. It's ridiculously easy to enter auto modes by mistake, merely touching the iPad in unlucky way. But at least it's playable and there isn't a mouse emulator panel.

The story is nothing to write home about, writing is repeatative. But I learned a few kanji, so $4 well spent. The purchase served its purpose. And it's way, way longer than Hime-Hime Booking: I spent a couple of months on this. I only wish Google stopped being so obnoxious and sold the games that Apple sell. I haven't found anything on iPad that is as good as IMI for Android, and it turned out to be very inconvenient to juggle two tablets.

P.S. Appanretly, VNDB is the only place on the whole Internet where the playthrough exists in a post by member yoxall. Here it is in case it goes down:

Mischa's Route:

I'm showing Mischa around town.
I'm going to the cafeteria.
Eat on the rooftop.
Go to the rooftop.

Haya's Route:

I'm going to the store with Haya.
I brought my own lunch.
Eat in the courtyard.
Go to the park.

Eri's Route:

I'm gonna go buy something.
Eat in the classroom.
Stay in the classroom.

The reverse translation is obvious except for the cafeteria, but figure it out.

BTW, Shizuku literally never appears. There's no such character. I don't know how she manages to get a side story.

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November 15, 2014

Sensei-chan in Denki-Gai 06

Make no mistake, Denki-Gai no Honya-san is a terrible anime. But...

Just a close-up.

Not giving too many spoilers, but Sensei is staying in the office overnight.

There was more to it. But, spoilers again.

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October 10, 2014

Airs, the first look

Having despaired for buying anything good for Android at all, I have given a try to a free VN game from a D-list company: Airs by ten+cross. The game is unvoiced and its main attraction is in easy reading. Pretty much the same as Kanon, then.

Obviously, the story is not likely to be a heavy hitter like Kanon. In fact, it is didactic like The Rocket Company. The core of Airs is the eponymous computer system and the characters spend quite a bit of time on exposition and explanations of the system's features. Nonetheless, it's pleasant enough so far.

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August 26, 2014

Anime for Rednecks 2014

The 2014 showing wasn't a rousing success. We have a semi-pro car racer in the group, who said that Initial D 06 was very true technically, but "too serious for a cartoon". Sunred 01 didn't get a chance to unfold (same as at Ani-nouto, basically). Surprisingly, however, Gurren-Lagann 22 "This Is My Last Duty" went down quite well. Even the guy who loudly and incessantly talked on unrelated topics was unable to ruin it.

At the end, audience requested boobies, which put me in a difficult spot: I did not pre-load any fanservice shows. I selected AKB0048 10, the paradise vacation episode, as the closest substitude available, and something good happened. I always hated that episode for using Makoto as laughing stock, and skipped or fast-forwarded most of it. My favourite is S2 04, the general election episode. It has a post-credit sequence, where -- sorry, spoilers -- Nagisa declares to Chieri that she's going to be a formidable opponent. She uses "kyouteki" (naturally spelled as "強敵", "strong" + "enemy"). What I didn't realize, she referred to the same line Chieri used in the 10, on the account of Nagisa making kirara sparkle. Back then, it looked like Nagisa was winning, but the tables were turned now. Man alive, how wonderful it is?

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July 19, 2014

Hime-hime Booking

This VN is a little trinklet for something like 4 hours, and I only bought because there was next to nothing else to buy at Google Play. And it's not Kanon for sure. Not only story-wise, but also the port to the platform is poorly done: if the OS restarts the app, you have to continue from the last save. Fine on a laptop, not so on a tablet. Also, fonts cannot be re-sized, and there's no easy playback (or not easily found).

Art, however, is pleasing to the eye, and the protagonist is voiced, which helps to compensate for terrible fonts.

UPDATE: I should probably make a greater emphasis on the art. Typical VNs before the recent wave of anime knock-offs (such as Toradora Portable) used to sport fairly ugly art. Their CGs were done with extremely unpleasant "computer sheen" on them, too. Hime-hime Booking is different in using 100% CG, but done in a better 2010 style: it's soft and pretty. It became especially striking at desktop resolution, when I parsed my screencap stash.

Here's a fragment, cropped to its natural resolution:

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June 20, 2014

Kanon personalities

Since Kanon's value is spending the time with its characters, let's glance at what's offered. The main thing that struck me overall was how the personalities felt non-anime. Or mostly, anyway. Mai would be matching for the "dark and tall" type, and one could stretch Nayuki over a shape of "girl next door". Even those two were well developed (as we know, Lawson opened up to Mai eventually and Omo was hardcore enough for Nayuki to rage at the anime).

Yuichi's penchant for tactless jokes was so obvious that even the GameFAQs observed:

He is friendly and outgoing, and though as nice as of a person he is, he has yet to learn the sensitivity of women. He constantly teases the main cast of girls throughout the story which varies in severity depending on the girl. Despite this, he does have a soft side that likens him to an older brother as noted by Shiori Misaka.

Yeah. What's interesting, however, is how Shiori made him tone it down. Draw your own conclusions.

Shiori by herself was rather powerfuly drawn. Omo said that her defining trait was being an enigma. There's some truth to that[1], but she also emitted an intense aura of romanticism. I don't recall even seeing anything comparable in anime before. As the plot unveiled her mystery, Shiori's interplay of stoicism and weakness also came into view.

Ayu, the main heroine, develops on an ultimate idea that is familiar to anyone who's ever had an imaginary girlfriend. Still, I think the action field available to her is rather small out of necessity, since she's functionally 10 years old. She does not have a range of experiences: gastronomical ones most of all, but dealing with love too.

Makoto is handicapped by a similar problem: she does not have a full access to her own consciouseness. In practical terms, however, when she has to learn what a book or a nikuman is, it's amusing and endearing. Unfortunately, she is taken away from us too soon.

I think overall, in the game, Shiori has the deepest character and Ayu loses to her through no fault of her own. Not that it would be a productive way to look at it. Everyone offers something in this story.

[1] At some point, Yuichi observes after one of Shiori's remarks: "これが本当の姿なのだろうか?" or, approximately, "Is this her true shape?"

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January 20, 2014

Christmas present 2013

I had no idea these even came in actual 1:72 rather than DLC.

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December 05, 2013

Golden Time begins

I cannot stop watching this terrible romcom and I blame two things: Evirus and Crunchyroll. I don't think I would ever bother torrenting, and I would not give it a second chance after the facepalm of ep.1 without Evirus' advocacy and spoilers.

Oh, and one other thing: the comparison with the classics is very instructive here. When I watched, say, Initial D, I never paid any attention to the moldy tropes as they occured, because they were masterfuly deployed. When I watched Yowapeda, the same tropes were obvious and painful. What is that magic of competence? I am sure Yamakan would love to know. Golden Time, too, makes me appreciate initial Ai yori Aoshi and the original Nodame this much more.

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September 04, 2012

Anime for Rednecks 2012

For this year's showing of anime to rednecks, I wanted to expand it a little. Usually they are not in any way interested, and last year I had basically make them watch Cat Shit One at gunpoint. They liked it, however. So, it naturally came to re-watching it, this time on R1 DVD.

Cat Shit One: Bunnies killing the living shit out of everything.

But I wanted to add a little something, the question was what. It had to be available to me away from the Internet (Crunchyroll.com suddenly became a big problem). It had to be sufficiently outrageous or epic, too. And it had to be accessible to the uninitiated. I thought about, for example, post-timeskip Gurren-Lagann, which is the most epic of them all. Remember how Lord Genome said: "I know I have no right to act as your father, but you've done well"? And Nia replied: "Thank you, father"? And then they went total badass. I get chills just recalling that. However, it's a Super Robot show, and it's 20+ episodes of build-up before that. So, I put kibosh on that, and a few other worthy candidates.

Midori no Hibi: She is more than his right hand.

Eventually it came down to an episode of each of Midori no Hibi and Strike Witches. The former, I think, showcases the good side of anime well, and is pretty funny. The later is quite outrageous enough, and I have it on legal DTO that I bought from BOST.com.

Strike Witches: Pants would only get in the way.

In the end, the showing was a modest success, and hopefuly set some expectations better. Already thinking about the next year, and yes, if it means go pirate, so be it.

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April 24, 2012

Not a native speaker

Haganai P includes a bonus of its BGM tracks, in full length and with a ticker blurb. I pulled one example through the analog hole and re-typed the ticker... But the kanji are so small, that I could not figure out some of them. Incorrect substitutions are marked in bold:

少し懐かしい感じのするメロティライン、リズムアレンジの曲です。 90年才後半~00年才始め頃JーPOPをわせる雰囲気でしょうか? この曲にらず、このタイトルでは「歌詞が付いて歌になってもおこしくないメロティ」念頭に作曲しました。 誰かが歌詞をつけて歌ってくれたらとても嬉しいのですが・・・

A native speaker would guess them easily, just from the context, but I have no clue what they may be.

UPDATE: On second thought, I probably got them both right. "J-POP wo omowaseru fun-iki" means "athmosphere reminiscent of J-POP", which makes sense. I have no idea what "kagirazu" form means, but "kagiri" is a limit, so it's something like "within limits of this tune".

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April 06, 2012

Haganai Portable, and finally Rika

Back when I dealt with Yukimura and switched my attention to Rika, I raged a little bit about the numerous flags on Rika's path, without a way to know what or where they are (I should note, however, that it's rather normal for legacy VNs). But when I looked at the path seriously, it dawned on me that there's a system to the flags: they all are related to Kodaka's failed confessions. In other words, first, once you know about idiotic dialog traps that Namco inserted, the path is discoverable, and second, Rika's path requires hounding the poor thing. Not stalking: everything is very proper and each failure is played for comedic effect. Nonetheless, I think I hit the "理科を口説く" button no less than 20 times. Fortunately, the result was quite worth it.

I remember being disappointed about Sena, although intellecutally I saw why she was laid out like she was. And now I am content completely, because Rika is what I wanted. No confused teenage sex here, in fact it seems that Kodaka wears skirt in that couple in the end. Rika's ending is the only one that includes a sizeable epilogue that makes up for the grind. In it, we see her continuing to apply her genius talent for the cause of science, with Kodaka playing Tanda to her Balsa. By the way, Toradora P included a branch like that, with Sumire. One has to wonder if a certain formula is being followed in both cases, but in any case the product tastes great.

One thing I noticed that Rika's pervertedness abated as the aforementioned hounding took a toll. I don't know if this was in-character for the anime, but it worked in the game, and explained that as a sublimation. She is a real role model for frustrated fujoshi everywhere.

P.S. Spoiler video for the epilogue: Youtube:0cmZd_6GZ3U.

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March 24, 2012

Haganai Portable, Yukimura

In both anime and game continuities, Yukimura is a crazy girl who manages to convince everyone around her that she is in fact a man, only in drag. Namco trolls decided to outdo themselves on her path. The basic plot is that while Yukimura's charms gradually win over Kodaka, he manages to convince himself that he's gay, which leads to a major disappointment once Yukimura's actual sex is revealed. Ha-ha, very funny. They also troll in the small a lot. For example, in one of choices, 42 incorrect answers fill the scroll space and crowd out the correct one. I was not amused. Don't want to deal with Rika now. She requires hitting a dozen of flags, and all for what?

BTW, I visited a little side path known as "IF", too. Its main premise is that Kodaka saves Yozora's hair. From there on, it's a linear story to a status quo ending. That one was neat.

Unfortunately, when I replayed for "IF", I was not very dilligent hitting items, keywords, and flags, and so I essentially had to restart from the very beginning for Yukimura. Worse, I only found about it when the necessary paths turned out closed. For example, in order not to be thrown to Sister Battle after the reutrn from the island, you must have the keyword "部員の絆" (at the haircut time), but you can only get it if you gather keywords "幸村の連帯感" and "理科の連帯感" (before the voleyball). Each time I had to go back. Documentation was not very helpful. Sure, it's complete, but one has to figure it out. So, instead of making the world a better place, I spent a whole day on going back and forth and puzzling it out.

Todaroda P also required a good deal of puzzling, but it mostly made sense. There I only disagreed with the requirement for complete replays to grab ends. But here it's not a challenge, it's Namco being assholes. Big difference.

P.S. I should mention that the sequence where Yukimura goes full-out Ai yori Aoshi on Kodaka's ass was chuckleworthy, especially since she's nowhere near Aoi Sakiraba in housewife's ability. Naturally, once she breaks another plate, she asks Kodaka to behead her in Seppukku ritual. Alas, no CG!

P.P.S. One of the priceless weaboo parts was how Rika made her big announcement. She said: "Yukimura should not be called `Yukimura-kun', but rather `Yukimura-san'". But wait, didn't we learn from Rocket Girls and other places that -kun is applicable to subordinates regardless? It is far trickier than you ever imagined!

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March 22, 2012

Haganai Portable, Yozora and Sena

Although the opening post went to Ani-nouto, I am going to make a tradition of overflowing into Meenuvia, where I feel less hamstrung. And so, without further ado, let it be known that I finished both tips of the main fork.

Unfortunately, it required consulting Kampeki-Konryaku. In one of the first dialogs, it is necessary not to make a selection, and let the timer expire. A default is selected in such case, but it is not one of the listed selections and the only way to continue into the bulk of the story. Completely troll move by Namco, in my opinion.

I did Yozora first, and the story was allright, I thought (the CG above is from Sena's path BTW). I was already thinking about comparing it to Toradora P and the ways to explain just what exactly was lacking in the drama. Too early!

Sena's path felt like a missing opportunity at first, thanks to the confused teenage sex early after fork. It essentially mirrors Yozora's path, and I thought that it made more sense to make them more different. But I changed my mind about it as the story developed.

The reason for that was the right amount excitement and careful consideration for the differences. It was clear that the symmetry was overplayed intentionally, so that one crucial difference stood out: Kodaka and Yozora were childhood friends. So, while they were sorting out their issues on Yozora's path, Sena was generally let to her own devices (even complaining explicitly about being ignored), and while Kodaka had to settle with her, it did not carry much of emotional load. On Sena's path, however, settling with Yozora was a more loaded affair. It was quite effective, in my opinion.

As I mentioned in the opener, Sena is overhelmingly more popular among anime watchers. The game has similar characterizations, and after dealing with the two individually, I have no choice but to concede: Sena is superior. I didn't want to give it to her, since we all love the underdog, and she offers advantages of being rich and, not to put too fine a point at it, buxom. But it is simple, really: Yozora's personality is unpleasant at its core, even when she unwinds and opens up a little. She is not merely strict or traditional, but needlessly rude, tactless, and prone to bullying (even double-dealing in anime, although not in the game). Her cute tsundere act would work much better if there were an actual deredere in it and not just dere relatively to the tsun norm. In contrast, Sena acts kindly by default, unless provoked into yelling, and even then she chills out quickly. When one has to choose with whom to spend a lifetime, there's no contest.

Getting back to Toradora, I think that Ami's True End still offers more to the mature audience, at least more than the main fork of Haganai. The story has more fidelity to my sensibilities, and is properly open-ended. It is more bittersweet than sweet, while Haganai is just "they lived happily ever after, the end". Toradora also offers a "main fork": Taiga/Minorin, and that part seems like a better implementation of the idea, too. For one thing, it's a far bigger struggle, both from the effort the main character had to put in, and from the players effort (especially Minorin). A lot was happening, and there were some interesting moments, like when everyone involved into Taiga's path knew by unspoken agreement what to do (I am talking about Takasu's confession). Granted, Haganai has off-main-fork paths, but even if they are masterpieces of game writing, I really do not care for Rika and Yukimura characters. Too broken. Toradora's Sumire was truly interesting, but nobody here is shining. {Update: Ouch. Rika took her revenge.}.

One positive of Haganai is the BGM. It was properly haunting and involving as necessary, and I kept in enabled throughout.

By the way, Haganai makes a very large progress in sprite animation. Probably nothing new for console players, but still, impressive. Not sure if it added much to the experience, however.

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November 13, 2011

Anison and J-Pop at Amazon in 2011

Amazon MP3 is the greatest thing since baked bread, since it's DRM-free, but its indexing is just useless for anison and J-pop. It plainly has no clue that such a category even exists. At first, I searched by name, but that was like searching needle in the haystack. No Ayumi Hamasaki, no nuthin. Only the blasted Utada as far as eye can see. Then, it was mostly trawling carefuly through lists and "customer who view this, also..."

One of the most annoying pests is "I Love You! Project", which floods search results with ear-rending instrumental remixes. Their production is the worst... except Anime no Magic. The Kimi To Yakusoku Shita is particularly rad. Typically, there's no artist credit. Who sings? Who plays? Mystery!

Miku Hatsune floods too, thanks to mediocre creators seeking opportunity. Still, genuine hits are represented, such as Sososo's Next Stage, which once reached the top of Oricon in CD single form (true story!). After buying all of Sososo's Miku stuff, it begins to sound about the same, so for the sake of difference, check Biruru's Dou Demo Ii. It may not necesserily be Sososo's fault, Miku's range is not that great. However, creators have a lot of trouble breaking away from her. The best Luka track I found so far is Stay by my side.

KOTOKO: Actually, She Is At Amazon. There's one album, where she only took a part: Disintegration. It's an early one, so I hope for more, in the years ahead.

AKB48: They sound surprisingly amateurish to me (Sorry, J!). However, I gave them a good try after reading this review:

This is a really creepy and sexist phenomenon. Nevermind the typical soulless music, this industry does everything to make these girls seem as generic as possible so they can easily be replaced, like homogeneous puppets pumped out by some machine. [...] Congrats, Japanese teen idol industry: I'm not politically correct by any means, but you managed to ruin my day. I wish people wouldn't tolerate these kinds of dehumanizing messages in popular media.

My favourite AKB48 track is probably Kimi to Niji to Tayou to. I can just see jamming on the synth for them (even though with the way multi-tracks are recorded in reality, it's a pure illusion).

Stereopony is some kind of real-life ENOZ that found financial backing. They look like they broke out with a couple of singles, Hanbunko and Smilife, to be followed by generic stuff.

Another one-album wonder is Megumi Oukutsu, with Asu Heno Tobira. The poor thing did not even get the lifespan of Stereopony. Frankly, she beats the pants off the collection of singles that Yoko Ishida recorded in the twilight of her career.

I did not find Scandal's work to my liking, with a possible exception of Yumemiru Tsubasa. Also, I suggest sampling Maihime's Hiryu, just for the heck of it. And the final oddball is Go, by Flow: the token anison in the album, and yet sounds more entertaining than the rest. If you want to get depressed, try to find Haruka Kanata. There is even a vocal imitation (and a bad one at that).

UPDATE: J. commented that AKB48's music is "pretty bad". Well, that settles that. Although, he should try that one track that I linked.

Omo reminded to mention a Miku author Supercell (not the other Supercell, a band). As far as critical acclaim and royalties, Sososo is pretty much unbeatable.

J. also added:

Oh, and if you didn't know, AKB48's producer has been in the idol game a long time, having been responsible for the original giant girl group, Onyanko Club, and after inspiring Tsunku to create Morning Musume, he returned to crush them.

UPDATE 2012/02/04: Found Minami Kaze by one Mikuni Shimokawa. Unfortunately her renditions of classic anison are rather odd, so I prefer Yoko Ishida's, even if they're remixed into Para-Para.

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March 27, 2011

Holy shit, WAH

Just when I thought the man grew out of mistakes of his youth, this happens:

<zaitcev> WAH has grown up.
<Mastersage> Pfft.
<Kuro|Work> zaitcev: why
<Mastersage> PFFT.
<Mastersage> ZAITCEV
<Mastersage> I'll show you how much he's grown up.
<zaitcev> With a link to his deranged comic?
<Mastersage> No.
<Mastersage> Here, zaitcev: http://www.formspring.me/wah0/q/174907862747736554
<Mastersage> And everyone else should read that too.
<Mastersage> I still resent whoever asked that question for playing the minority card and igniting his elitism at full throttle.
<zaitcev> Hmm, this pretty sad indeed. However, how did you find it?
<Mastersage> zaitcev, ptj_tsubasa
<Mastersage> He is a cool guy.
<Mastersage> He is very level-headed about his opinions.
<Mastersage> zaitcev, http://twitter.com/ptj_tsubasa/status/50591921021788162

The ptj's tweet was: "This man is a furnace of hate. (link)", and it's true:

I'm also in an extremely small minority in being part African, part European, part Native American and part Iranian. I'm also in an extremely small minority when it comes to liking music like Pizzicato Five and being a stupid anime nerd. I'm also in an extremely small minority in liking old Showa-era nonsense. (In Japan the only bars I will drink at must look like they've been around for at least 60 years.)

So I'm used to being in the minority. Also, I don't really understand this question. It's as if being different is a BAD thing.

I think it's boring to be amongst a cult of people who all blindly worship the same thing, not even offering up a hint of criticism. I think it's mindless and stupid. Furthermore, discussions these people have about the show in question are... really boring. I never enjoyed discussions about Evangelion, either. Perhaps if one of these guys could offer actual analysis about what's happening in front of them, as opposed to baseless speculation about things that might happen, then I'd be slightly more interested. But that analysis would require some serious anime kung-fu, the likes of which most English speaking anime fans lack. Don't get me wrong, I lack it too. Which is why I seek out such analysis.

All that just to say that he didn't like Madoka. Well, I didn't like it either, too nasty for my taste. The difference is, my ego is nowhere as large as the that produced this: "I think with regards to Madoka specifically, I figured out what separates me from other fans." Hopefuly.

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March 19, 2011

Mitsudomoe manga v.11

WAH posted an editorial on Mitsudomoe Z, where he takes on a rather difficult task of explaining, and that is very commendable. Not for the first time either.

As it happens, I was in SF Kinokuniya a couple of days ago and picked Mitsudomoe v.11 to read on a plane. It's quite funny and has okurigana.

The level of outragenerss is about the same as anime. Pictured is Sugisaki-mama presenting Miku with a breast-enlargement vacuum.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer WAH's question about the adaptation. I only know that there is a time progression in the manga, and if they go on like this, the girls have to graduate by about v.35.

P.S. My own quake+tsunami donation went through Salvation Army. WAH's idea about the Japan Society may be good.

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December 03, 2010

Tappan on OreImo

Here's a quote from a post at Bugfox about Ore no Imouto yada yada also known as My Little Sister Cannot Be This Cute:

What’s different about this story is that the sister isn’t cute. She’s an atrocious little monster, more yandere than tsundere. It’s not clear whether Kyousuke reciprocates her feelings. He seems mostly horrified, but with one exception he seems unable to refuse her anything she asks. (The one exception was when she asked him to run out into traffic so that she could experience what it feels like to lose someone close to you.)

Though disturbing, this show can still be extremely funny when it takes aim at the absurdities of otaku culture. (The reason that Kirino wanted Kyousuke to play in traffic was that she was researching her new novel about a handsome young venture capitalist in a post-apocalyptic world populated entirely by cute little sisters. She has already found a publisher for her first effort, a novel about an astronaut who lands on a planet inhabited by little sisters.)

I think Jonathan may be a bit unclear on the terminology, but never mind that. The internet is mad for Kirino because of the otaku pandring, but what if we look beyond...?

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April 21, 2010

Toradora Portable addendum

While Ani-nouto is down, we're having a spirited discussion of TDP at #animeblogger and a couple of points came up in addition to the previous post.

First, seiyuu of Sakura Kanou is Kana Asumi, who apparently is well-known too. I never heard of her, but Sage was excided to know it. Also, Kuro said, completely coincidentially: "I am so glad Kana Asumi is doing Poplar" (apparently about some game or other [he meant Working!! — ed]). Fans, rejoice! She has a much bigger part in TDP than in the anime.

Second, Guncannon told me that the little spiel by Yuri-sensei at the end of the game is not just an omake, but a summary of your progress in the game. I went back to my Ami True End and learned that I collected 90 points. Also, Yuri said "活かすことできれば、この次はもっと違った展開があるかもよ?" about some item I received from Ami. I assume she means the DVD... But there are no choices to use it in the remainder of the path. So, yeah, some work remains.

BTW, one of lesser spoilers at Kanpeki Kouryaku is a list of endinds, and some are rather goofy. For example, there's a 60-point Yasuko end, whatever that means.

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April 07, 2010

Miao on the original K-ON

In the the post at BS (nee AoMM nee DbD), Jason pays the due to the enthusiasm K-ON generates in the masses.

It’s the social media show of 2009 – K-On! has just generated more fan art and more YouTube clips than any other series of the year. Things really got kicked off with the first airing of Don’t say “lazy”, which just flooded the web with mini-top hat Mio images (not a bad thing)… and things really then got crazy with the infamous “Moe~ moe~ kyun!” and Azu-nyan.

I thumb my nose at MADs like those that he linked, but he's right: K-ON opened the floodgates of wonderful, from Marco and Shows to Josh Garrado. K-ON is a true people's anime.

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January 21, 2010

Precure is teetering at 05

Looks like I losing interest in Pretty Cure after only ep.5. Pisard was a pretty bad villain, with his main purpose being presented clumsily just to let Cure White an opportunity to preach. Even worse, they seem to be collecting stones now. *facepalm*

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