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April 24, 2012

Not a native speaker

Haganai P includes a bonus of its BGM tracks, in full length and with a ticker blurb. I pulled one example through the analog hole and re-typed the ticker... But the kanji are so small, that I could not figure out some of them. Incorrect substitutions are marked in bold:

少し懐かしい感じのするメロティライン、リズムアレンジの曲です。 90年才後半~00年才始め頃JーPOPをわせる雰囲気でしょうか? この曲にらず、このタイトルでは「歌詞が付いて歌になってもおこしくないメロティ」念頭に作曲しました。 誰かが歌詞をつけて歌ってくれたらとても嬉しいのですが・・・

A native speaker would guess them easily, just from the context, but I have no clue what they may be.

UPDATE: On second thought, I probably got them both right. "J-POP wo omowaseru fun-iki" means "athmosphere reminiscent of J-POP", which makes sense. I have no idea what "kagirazu" form means, but "kagiri" is a limit, so it's something like "within limits of this tune".

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