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December 25, 2014

Christmas haul

The 2014 was a fat year. I got a New Mexican belt, a work light, Sparky Emerson's mountain flying bible, a pack of weaboo media, and a new gun. The belt should go well with my bolo. It was my daughter's idea, very nice.

The worklight is basically a necessity for any jeeper, but I'm way stingy, and managed for years with a headlight and sometimes grabbing a flashlight with my teeth. It was ridiculous enough that my family noticed.

Sparky's book was on my list since before the Carlson. Unfortunately, flying Carlson around here turns every flight into a dangerous mountain trip. For example, at one point I had to ride ridges just to get from Carrizozo (F37) to Sierra Blanka (SRR) and almost killed myself by missing a power line. So, strangely enough, I pretty much taught myself the basics by trial and error. Still, it's a good book. And I read Stick and Rudder way late as well. (Do keep in mind that all mountains are different and I'm going to read twice what Sparky says about Utah.)

The gun is an XD(m) in .45 ACP and is actually my first gun of the kind. Very nice, and an expensive present at that. I was waffling a lot if I wanted a 9mm or .45, but this clinches it. Come to think of it, my wife made me buy the BLR and the Nova, too. So, I let her decide my guns an awful lot, but she seems to know what gun I want better than I do, and so far it worked very well. Next, going to go out on a date to Caliber, and maybe a dinner.

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1 Nice haul! I got... er, nothing, as the cats don't have their own credit cards.

But Merry Christmas nonetheless!

Posted by: Mauser at December 25, 2014 07:14 PM (TJ7ih)

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