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February 12, 2010

"You, Sir, are dealing in demagogy and faggotry"

Saw a brilliant argument for the HLV at NK forums today:

Вы занимаетесь демагогией и пидоризмом. Уж извините так оно и есть.
Двупуск пилотируемого корабля на Луну - Вы все видите. Мое ИМХО - так делать плохо. ПК должен лететь в однопуск.
Советую - вместо злобы подумайтео реальности.

In my approximate translation:

You, Sir are dealing in demagogy and faggotry. Sorry, but that's how it is.
Two-launch of a crewed spaceship to the Mooon, all known to you. My IMHO - it's a bad way. Crewed ship has to fly in one launch.
My suggestion to you - instead of nasty, think about the reality.

One would think this soft of language to be reserved for discussions of merits of feminism, Apple iPad, labor unions, or Brett Favre, not for pondering the tradeoffs between various lunar mission architectures. But hey, it's the Internet.

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