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June 15, 2020

Memoir 11 - Savochkin and fault-tolerant BSD

Although never mentioned on my resume, I left MCST a little too early for my ticket to U.S.A., and so I spent a very short time working in a company that was doing a fault-tolerant application under FreeBSD. The idea was to use syscalls as indicators of the state, so that when 2 computers executed the same program, the system compared the syscall state and raised an alarm if a difference was found. It was implemented earlier by e.g. Stratus, but having 2 computers completely in lock-step, at clock level. A software layer on top of FreeBSD was a poverty spec implementation of the same idea. The system was supposed to support Yeltsin's nuclear suitcase, BTW.

A leading engineer on the project was Alexey "saw" Savochkin. He later quit programming, went to Italy, and got a Ph.D in some unrelated field, like History.

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