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April 11, 2010

Jim Muncy's remarks at Space Access 10

From Hobbyspace (under Space Transport News), remarks by Jim Muncy:

- Life long Republican but endorsed Hillary Clinton who had the best space policy. Obama has run with it.
- How crazy it is for President Obama to privatize space launch while Republicans are attacking it.
- Republicans support capitalism within the atmosphere but not above it.
- Most solid and profound set of space policy changes.
- Incredible change here.
- Should take more credit for it.
- Some have told him that we lost the Moon - but we gained the Solar System.
- We were never going to get there with Constellation.
- Can't believe it when people say it is the end of US human spaceflight.
- Abandoning Cold War program that is only for govt.
- Now space is for all of us.
- Amazed that all the members of the Augustine panel agreed that expanding humans into the solar system was the purpose of the human spaceflight program.

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1 That was a conundrum for me too. I support private space flight. This is one of the 20% of things where I agree with the democrats and completely disagree with the republicans. I'm a bit ambivalent about the constellation rocket program and can see the point of some of the critics. I do think that we should do more with the moon though as a stepping stone. Maybe we could find something we could turn into fuel for the mars trip? It's much cheaper to lift things from the lunar surface than the surface of the earth, though that may be in the short run offset by the cost of bootstrapping manufacturing there.

Posted by: Kazriko at May 24, 2010 09:09 AM (pH05c)

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