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July 04, 2017

Harper's Ultimate Kneeboard

Not everyone does that, especially when flying VFR, but I use a kneeboard. Since I have trouble fitting into small airplanes often, I don't want a gigantic tri-fold. But a little clipboard is not enough either: I want AOPA prints and some other materials to be accessible, while writing on the top sheet. Not many products exist in this class, and I settled onto "Ultimate Kneeboard" by Harper. It has the necessary features, without going overboard.

I put 7 holes on all the materials, including the stack of the note paper. The picture is a bit deceptive in that I stopped running standardized navigation log. Left that for IFR. But I still put down all the necessary times, including tank times. Other things that are recorded include weather reports (again, with times), assigned frequences, and squack codes.

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