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January 21, 2009

TinyOS paper read

Well, that was a good blast from the past. I thought I've left systems with 512-byte RAM sizes behind in 1980s when I tinkered with the 8008, but I guess not.

Many elements of TinyOS remind me about old frameworks with which I worked back then. The tasks, commands, and events bear a striking resemblence of the driver model of OS MISS that was the topic of my, for the lack of a better word, sempai's Vladimir Butenko PhD thesis. As I suspect, he was moved to create his framework because his target system, Bull Mitra-225, lacked a hardware stack. The result resembled TinyOS's stackless architecture.

Well, nothing is to it but get it over with quickly. The biggest issue, I suspect, is going to be learning the pitfalls of nesC and getting TOSSIM to run. The paper itself, "System Architecture Directions for Networked Sensors" bypasses the topic entirely, but there's a book-cum-document that may help, "TinyOS Programming".

Tags: cs-591-005

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