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May 19, 2021

Contemporary self-defense pistols

A woman and I went to raid a rental counter of a local range.

My impressions:

  • G43X is very large. Very, very large. The grip has a swell, which is absolutely unnecessary. Recoil is surprisingly noticeable.
  • P238 works well, but 6 round mags only is a pain. I am unable to disengage the safety with the knuckle like on 1911. I can do it by transfering the thumb on the other side, but that is asking to drop the gun and takes time.
  • P365 is nice (finally shot one with a short mag).
  • Shield Plus is not bad, but for some reason on the rental unit the slide stop does not disengage when slide is pulled and must be clicked down. WTF. The safety is nasty, better not use it.
  • Hellcat feels blocky like old Glock, not nice at all. Recoil is unexpectedly uncomfortable. Sights are so-so: the gun is mechanically accurate, but the prevalence of white hinders the acquisition of sight picture.

Woman's impressions (she has hand issues):

  • G34X hurts the trigger finger
  • P365 hurts the wrist
  • P238 is very nice, almost no recoil, cute. Failed to go into battery once - could be rental springs. Hard to see sights, dots dominate.
  • Hellcat is unimpressive
  • Shield Plus is the best.

Our old eyes have trouble with sights on many of these guns.

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