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April 21, 2010

Toradora Portable addendum

While Ani-nouto is down, we're having a spirited discussion of TDP at #animeblogger and a couple of points came up in addition to the previous post.

First, seiyuu of Sakura Kanou is Kana Asumi, who apparently is well-known too. I never heard of her, but Sage was excided to know it. Also, Kuro said, completely coincidentially: "I am so glad Kana Asumi is doing Poplar" (apparently about some game or other [he meant Working!! — ed]). Fans, rejoice! She has a much bigger part in TDP than in the anime.

Second, Guncannon told me that the little spiel by Yuri-sensei at the end of the game is not just an omake, but a summary of your progress in the game. I went back to my Ami True End and learned that I collected 90 points. Also, Yuri said "活かすことできれば、この次はもっと違った展開があるかもよ?" about some item I received from Ami. I assume she means the DVD... But there are no choices to use it in the remainder of the path. So, yeah, some work remains.

BTW, one of lesser spoilers at Kanpeki Kouryaku is a list of endinds, and some are rather goofy. For example, there's a 60-point Yasuko end, whatever that means.

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1 That's not a game, I was talking about Working!!

Posted by: Kurogane at April 21, 2010 10:40 AM (JYOYh)

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