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December 03, 2010

Tappan on OreImo

Here's a quote from a post at Bugfox about Ore no Imouto yada yada also known as My Little Sister Cannot Be This Cute:

What’s different about this story is that the sister isn’t cute. She’s an atrocious little monster, more yandere than tsundere. It’s not clear whether Kyousuke reciprocates her feelings. He seems mostly horrified, but with one exception he seems unable to refuse her anything she asks. (The one exception was when she asked him to run out into traffic so that she could experience what it feels like to lose someone close to you.)

Though disturbing, this show can still be extremely funny when it takes aim at the absurdities of otaku culture. (The reason that Kirino wanted Kyousuke to play in traffic was that she was researching her new novel about a handsome young venture capitalist in a post-apocalyptic world populated entirely by cute little sisters. She has already found a publisher for her first effort, a novel about an astronaut who lands on a planet inhabited by little sisters.)

I think Jonathan may be a bit unclear on the terminology, but never mind that. The internet is mad for Kirino because of the otaku pandring, but what if we look beyond...?

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