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March 27, 2011

Holy shit, WAH

Just when I thought the man grew out of mistakes of his youth, this happens:

<zaitcev> WAH has grown up.
<Mastersage> Pfft.
<Kuro|Work> zaitcev: why
<Mastersage> PFFT.
<Mastersage> ZAITCEV
<Mastersage> I'll show you how much he's grown up.
<zaitcev> With a link to his deranged comic?
<Mastersage> No.
<Mastersage> Here, zaitcev: http://www.formspring.me/wah0/q/174907862747736554
<Mastersage> And everyone else should read that too.
<Mastersage> I still resent whoever asked that question for playing the minority card and igniting his elitism at full throttle.
<zaitcev> Hmm, this pretty sad indeed. However, how did you find it?
<Mastersage> zaitcev, ptj_tsubasa
<Mastersage> He is a cool guy.
<Mastersage> He is very level-headed about his opinions.
<Mastersage> zaitcev, http://twitter.com/ptj_tsubasa/status/50591921021788162

The ptj's tweet was: "This man is a furnace of hate. (link)", and it's true:

I'm also in an extremely small minority in being part African, part European, part Native American and part Iranian. I'm also in an extremely small minority when it comes to liking music like Pizzicato Five and being a stupid anime nerd. I'm also in an extremely small minority in liking old Showa-era nonsense. (In Japan the only bars I will drink at must look like they've been around for at least 60 years.)

So I'm used to being in the minority. Also, I don't really understand this question. It's as if being different is a BAD thing.

I think it's boring to be amongst a cult of people who all blindly worship the same thing, not even offering up a hint of criticism. I think it's mindless and stupid. Furthermore, discussions these people have about the show in question are... really boring. I never enjoyed discussions about Evangelion, either. Perhaps if one of these guys could offer actual analysis about what's happening in front of them, as opposed to baseless speculation about things that might happen, then I'd be slightly more interested. But that analysis would require some serious anime kung-fu, the likes of which most English speaking anime fans lack. Don't get me wrong, I lack it too. Which is why I seek out such analysis.

All that just to say that he didn't like Madoka. Well, I didn't like it either, too nasty for my taste. The difference is, my ego is nowhere as large as the that produced this: "I think with regards to Madoka specifically, I figured out what separates me from other fans." Hopefuly.

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